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By Way of the Cross
by Stella Paterson


In Calling Forth the Remnant, the "CALL" is to the Body of Christ; those who attend church as well as those who do not.

This book comes as the result of the Holy Spirit's revelation to me of the greatest deception of all time and the reason it has not been recognized. From the moment I sat down to write the first draft, Satan the deceiver has attempted everything he could to stop me. His attacks and opposition have been constant throughout the preparation for publishing. But God is greater! In "About the Author" can be found my testimony of how God repeatedly prevailed over the devil's feeble attempts.

It has been with much heartache and sadness that I have recognized the growing apostasy in the church, as the Lord opened my eyes to see her as He sees her. I take no joy in writing of the error which has robbed the Lord's Bride of her beauty and purity. In the following pages you will read how the Holy Spirit revealed to me the real reason Jesus died; the role flesh has played throughout the ages; what God plans to do about it, and how He will restore all things to Himself in the end.

The reader may find some parts difficult to embrace, but we all need to be willing to examine the beliefs we hold dear, and allow the Truth to set us free. Truth MUST prevail over tradition. I pray that as the message in this book is read, it will not be filtered through previously held beliefs, denominational beliefs, a trusted someone's belief, or any other filter. Only the Holy Spirit can be trusted to reveal Truth--we need no man's authorization.

While showing me the meaning of Calvary, the Holy Spirit exposed the greatest enemy we Christians face. God's response to this enemy is addressed within these pages, and He calls us to respond to His Spirit and His Word.

Why was the Cross necessary, when to many it is a stumbling block? What really is the new birth, as examined in light of God's written word? Where has the flesh led us? Will we yield to God's way or the way of the flesh? Will we choose to go the way of the Cross and become a part of the church triumphant?

We must prayerfully ask ourselves if we ARE born again or have been deceived by an easy gospel about an "easy Jesus" who will take as His Bride those who are yet flesh. It is my fervent hope and prayer that all who read the book will be encouraged to stay open to God's Spirit, trusting Him to bring understanding, and ultimately be numbered with the Remnant - the Bride without spot or wrinkle.

I challenge every reader to take the Berean approach and check each Scripture that is referenced (in more than one bible version), trusting the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your understanding. May you be blessed beyond measure as Jesus increases in you, and you become more and more willing to be decreased.

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©2012 Stella Paterson

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