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By Way of the Cross
by Stella Paterson

       Table of Contents

           About the Author

        Part One: Only A Remnant

           1.   Why the Cross?
           2.   How It All Began - Man's Choice

        Part Two: God’s Response

           3.   Destruction of Flesh
           4.   Why Circumcision?
           5.   The Law and The Sacrifice
           6.   The Life Is In The Blood

         Part Three: Man’s Response

           7.   God's Word or Man's Word?
           8.   Marriage - God's Plan or Man's?
           9.   The Church - Jesus' Body or Man's Edifice?
           10.  "Pastors"
           11.  Prosperity
           12.  Spurious “Helpers” (or Wolves in Sheep's Clothing Amongst the Saints)

        Part Four: God’s Way or Man’s Way?

           13.  Faith
           14.  Forgiveness and The New Birth
           15.  Baptism and The Holy Spirit
           16.  Works of The Flesh and Fruit of The Spirit
           17.  Righteousness and Grace

        Part Five: Where Has the Flesh Led Us?

           18.  Bondage
           19.  Tithing – Old or New Covenant?
           20.  Heresy
           21.  Mystery Babylon
           22.  Antichrist – A Man

        Part Six: The End Times

           23.  The Great Tribulation
           24.  Rapture – When and Why?
           25.  The End of All Flesh
           26.  The Church Triumphant

            Complete book in PDF

©2012 Stella Paterson

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