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by Stella Paterson

Read what the book has meant to others:

I just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I appreciate you, and the things that you've written. "Calling Forth the Remnant" is one of my all time favorite books--so timely, so well researched, and so Spirit-filled and anointed. And your works on "Apostasy" are the most thorough of anything I've read. I stand in complete agreement with ALL that you have written. Thank you!

May God continue to bless you sweet sister, and may His hand continue to be upon you for the good of His elect in these perilous times.

~ Mark,

I have been reading your book "Calling Forth The Remnant" - I concur with your writing concerning "flesh" and sin, not just verbally but in my spirit that when Adam and Eve fell it was not just the sin factor that Christ had to work on - He had to nail the flesh to the Cross and unless the flesh is crucified, man is not going to be able to see and understand His way.

~ Ruth,

I was recently led to your site by the Lord Jesus, and I am stunned by the written confirmation of His revelations to us that are here in your book and your 'compilation'.

It is a long story how Jesus called us out of man's religious system in 1989, and since then has been stripping away man's false teachings, and then revealing Himself to us as He draws us closer to a one on one relationship with. . . .Initially we were on our own, in human terms, but then our Lord Jesus introduced us to other 'called out ones', and we began to see that we were not at fault - Jesus was calling us out of the 'world' - and into His Ekklesia. . . .Thankyou for being a faithful disciple, and a watchman - may He continue to show you His truth.

~ Roger,
New Zealand

I am writing to tell you that I am so greatful that you wrote this book and that I am reading it. I have had a hard time understanding all of the truths about Jesus and the gospel. The book is just the thing I needed Stella. It is life altering for my husband and I. One of the most amazing things I've gotten from your book is about the Holy Spirit. I never understood really what or how he played a part in my life before but now I understand. I seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit every morning now and through out the day. I just want to be in His spirit. I'm so tired of being in the flesh all the time. I mean TIRED! So again thank you for the information that is helping me so much.

- Dianne
Washington, USA

Calling Forth the Remnant By Way of the Cross is beautifully written. It is evident in the reading, that you were led by the Holy Spirit as you walk us through the mine-field of today’s Christian beliefs and doctrinal positions. . . I would encourage every believer that truly hungers and thirsts after righteousness to read this book, as it will go a long way toward dispelling the confusion and misunderstandings we have all picked up along the way, pertaining to God’s purposes. If ever there was a time when the body of Christ needed a sound Biblical foundation, it is now.

- Cathy
Arizona, USA

I am two thirds through the book and am so blessed!   What a confirmation of what our dear and precious Lord has been revealing to my husband and I.   I am so grateful that while seeking the Lord led me to your site and the gift He has placed in you.   I love the bible studies and the word studies are WONDERFUL.   It seems that these past two years, I can not get enough of the Word of God.   The more I search the more I realize how much had been kept from me in the apostate system.

Oh how sweet to trust in Jesus – just to take Him at His word!

You are a blessing beyond words Stella.   Keep fighting the good fight.

- Rita
Colorado, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I received my books.  I am going to order 10 more this week again.  I will keep ordering them as long as the Lord keep supplying me with the resources   I hope to get your book in a lot of peoples hands.

- Matthew
Texas, USA

"Many Christian books, periodicals and magazines are publishing a message that promotes self-effort, but in this book we have the blunt message: death to self.
...What a refreshing book.  Many of the chapters will pierce and smart but it is good medicine!  Calling Forth The Remnant comes in the spirit of God's true cry to see His pure spotless bride before His coming."

- Greg Gordon
British Columbia, Canada

I have finished your book.  I found it very thought provoking in a variety of ways.  Most things I agree with; some things I’m not sure about, but overall, I LOVE material that makes me think!  This you definitely accomplished.  Through it all I could sense the cry of your heart for people to actually pay attention to what the Lord is saying.

- Linda
Manitoba, Canada

I have been using a lot of the spiritual truths from your website, your nuggets of truth, and the book to present to the bible study group. We went through The Gospel According to Jesus on Sunday during our time of fellowship. I need to order about 5 books for my group so that they can have a copy of the book and go through it with me. The book is a tremendous blessing to myself… I ask that you keep doing what you are doing because my bible study group is being blessed by this every week. I like how everything continues to point us to Christ - he is the way, truth, and life. You know I just am in awe when I realize that God is sovereign in everything that he does. Only he could cause things to come together as they do. The enemy has no power, all power in heaven and earth has been given to the Son and he is reconciling all things in himself both in heaven and in earth. We are in him therefore we have been reconciled to the Father and he has made us ministers of reconciliation. Glory to God!!! Keep in touch and keep those read studies coming because I am going to keep sharing them with others because they are a wonderful blessing.

- Matthew
Texas, USA

Your book is powerful.  It puts a lot of things in perspective, giving spiritual insight to the problem of being flesh oriented and flesh-driven. The ending is so powerful in its illustration of hell and reminds me it is not the place I want to be. But I dare not think missing hell will be because I am so good, and have done everything right. It is these thoughts of vanity in the minds of many Christians that will bring them closer to destruction.

Your book bears witness to something spoken to my spirit – “Spirit to spirit”. This is the only way to be born again. God’s Spirit has to touch our spirit before we are quickened, made alive in Christ. This is when we have pulled off the old man and his deeds and been renewed in the Spirit.  Without this rebirth, we walk in flesh.  I am afraid many are fooled thinking their entrance in heaven will be because of their self-righteous living and will never experience the spiritual new birth that makes us one with Jesus and the Father.  Stella this is my hope.

- Rose
Indiana, USA

By the way, I received the book you sent me today, thankyou so much... It's so refreshing to actually read something that well balanced on subjects that truly matter to us. I'm enthralled so far, and will be recommending it hotly!

- John
United Kingdom

I just began reading your book, and thus far, am blessed beyond measure from the truth being presented. Please add me to 'NUGGETS'!

- Mike
Washington, USA

...You don't know how Calling Forth the Remnant blessed me.  Like I said, it was like a light bulb came on!  I have read other works to try to understand sinful man and our nature but I just didn't get it!  I thank God for you and that you were obedient to the call to write it, in the face of opposition.  I am sure you have went through a lot but it is to be expected anytime we attempt to walk in obedience.  God bless you Sister!

- Lori
Kentucky, USA

I just finished reading your book, and I want to thank you for allowing the Lord to dictate it to you so you can write it down. I found the book a blessing, and most of it a conformation on the things He has been showing me in the last four years...

   We have an awesome God and He alone directs our steps in the last 30 days God has allowed me to read three books as such “Knowing Christ Together” “A Heart Ablaze” and your book one builds upon the other they all are saying the same thing but from a different angle in the end it points me to have that intimate relationship with Him...

   So again thank you for being obedient to the Lord.

- Ed
Wisconsin, USA

I have received your book and have finished it already!  Your book is a needed wake up call, and blessing to all who want to KNOW TRUTH.

Raised a Jew, I came to know my Jesus as the Christ, messiah, in 1980...
Thank you for your faithfulness to have been obedient to your calling!
May you be GREATLY blessed!

- Merri
Maine, USA

I praise God for the revelation I received about myself and the fallen state of man.  As I read this book, it was as if the scales fell from my eyes and I finally understood so much, especially about the flesh and sin.

What a word in due season!  Everyone who calls themselves a Christian should read this book.  I was blessed as well as challanged with the truth of the scriptures.

- Lori McDonald
Kentucky, USA

I received the book on Monday.  I have started to read it.  It is very "eye opening." And I am sure it will be life changing!  Pray for me as I read it that I will understand it and most of all, be able to put what you teach in practice...I have always understood we had a problem with the flesh, but I had no idea that it was the number one problem! ...I have prayed for years for God to reveal the truth to me and finally he is doing it.

- Sally
South Carolina, USA

Your book will be a valuable contribution to the restoration of Christianity to its original biblical and Christ-centred state. We need to approach this restoration from every angle, both to expose the aberrations and to prescribe the changes that must be made.

In your discussion of circumcision, it became clear to me for the very first time, that circumcision, according to Col. 2:11, is really a picture of the cutting off of Christ's life on our behalf. By the cutting off of Christ's life, our sinful nature was cut off and its power was destroyed. All through the Old Testament believers carried in their own bodies a prophetic picture of what Christ would do on their behalf. This looking forward to Christ for them had the same effect as our looking backward to Christ. It is even significant in what part of the body this took place, the very place where the flesh seems to have its headquarters. Now, of course, we (both men and women) apply Christ's circumcision to our lives and walk in victory over all the works of the flesh. This meaning of circumcision is far more significant than the traditional separation from sin and unto God because it refers to the divine power that makes it possible. What do you know, old people can still learn something new!

- Maurice
Alberta, Canada

I am humbled that God arranged for me to meet Stella at such a time as this.  This Word that God has given her for the Church today is a must read. It comes by way of revelation from the Holy Spirit.  I am clear Satan’s attacks on Stella were personal because of the urgency of the message in this book.  The book reminds me of the letters to the Church found in the book of the Revelation.  The words, “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches” stands strong for the Church today.

- Carmen Rose,
Indiana, USA

I was delighted to receive my personally autographed copy of the book.  Why is it that words seem to carry so much more weight when it is in book form as opposed to reading it off the internet?

- Helen
Saskatchewan, Canada

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