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...the starting point and an introduction to "Calling Forth The Remnant" - an urgent message to the Body of Christ.

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...Comments from readers of "CALLING FORTH THE REMNANT, By Way of The Cross" by Stella Paterson

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...the account of God's intervention on my behalf when Satan tried
 to take my life, and keep me from that to which God has called me.

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- Ruth Fathima testimony
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- Lukewarm and Loving It
- Miraculous Conversion from Islam to Christ
- Former Muslim Terrorist finds Jesus Christ
- Soulish or Spiritual

Index of Articles:

- A Contemporary Message   by Stella Paterson
- Where Your Treasure Is...   by Stella Paterson
- If The World Is Her Mirror...   by Stella Paterson
- The Virgin Bride   by Stella Paterson
- "Holy" Iniquity?   by Stella Paterson
- Grace
He Was There    by Stella Paterson
- The Word of God Says It All 
- Exchanging My Comfort for His Joy  by Stella Paterson
- Baptism And the Holy Spirit   by Stella Paterson   
- Why Criticize?    by Stella Paterson
- Deception In The Church   by Ken Brown
- Bible Versions And Apostasy – The Connection   by Stella Paterson 
- Anna   by Helen Gwilliam
- The Gospel According to Jesus   by Stella Paterson
- Easter or Passover - which do we celebrate?   by Stella Paterson 
- False Gospel - Exposed   by Stella Paterson
- What Kind of Bride Are We?   by Stella Paterson
- Grace, Truth and the Word of God   by Stella Paterson
- What Is Sin?   by Ken Brown
- The Story Behind Calling Forth The Remnant   by Stella paterson
- Knowledge of Good and Evil  (The harm it has done)  by Stella Paterson
- Bible Versions - The Controversy  by Stella Paterson 
- What Kind of Obedience to What Kind of Leadership?   by Maurice Fuller
- Apostasy - What is it?   by Stella Paterson
Revival - What is it?   by Stella Paterson
Apostate Gospel - The Great Deception   by Stella Paterson
- When Hell Rejoices - But Heaven Triumphs   by Stella Paterson  
- Forgiveness - When and Why?   by Stella Paterson
- Disciple or Rebel - The Choice   by Stella Paterson
- The Deadliest Sin   by Stella Paterson
- Jesus - The Overcoming Life   by Stella Paterson
- Worse Than An Infidel   by Stella Paterson
- The Sabbath - What does it really mean?   by Stella Paterson
- Evidence of the True New Birth   by Stella Paterson
- Beware of Deceivers and Seducers - a Grave Warning  Introduction by Stella Paterson
- Kingdom Access Denied - How and Why?   by Stella Paterson  
- Tried and Found Wanting   by Stella Paterson
- Escape From Christendom   by Robert Burnell
- The Age of Indifference - The Warnings Have Ended   by Michael Boldea Jr.
- Insulting the Spirit of Grace   by Stella Paterson
- The Crowd is Untruth   by Michael Clark & George Davis
- Surviving Financial Chaos - the Secret   by Stella Paterson
- Serious Questions - a Strong Message   by Stella Paterson
- The Greatest Enemy - Exposed   by Stella Paterson
- Picture of a Prophet  by Leonard Ravenhill
- Conquering the Greatest Enemy  by Stella Paterson
- Freedom from Bondage - a Vital Lesson  by Stella Paterson
- Discerning the Simple Truth  by Stella Paterson
- The Pagan Origin Of Easter  by David J. Meyer
- Absolute Surrender  by Andrew Murray
- Denying the Power  by Stella Paterson
- Fruit of the Spirit is Love  by Andrew Murray
- Unity - the True and the Counterfeit  by Stella Paterson
- Kept By the Power of God  by Andrew Murray
- Peace in the Midst of the Storm  by Stella Paterson
- Having Begun in the Spirit  by Andrew Murray
- The Beast - Its Roots  by Stella Paterson
- Impossible With Man, Possible With God  by Andrew Murray
- O Wretched Man That I Am!  by Andrew Murray
- Wanted - Dead or Alive  by Stella Paterson
- Ye Are the Branches  by Andrew Murray
- The Hidden Things - Revealed  by Stella Paterson
- Death and Life - A Closer Look  by Stella Paterson
- 'Stunning' Revelation  by Stella Paterson
- Name of Jesus - Its Meaning  by Stella Paterson
- Death and Life - Hidden Dangers  by Stella Paterson
- Separated Unto The Holy Ghost  by Andrew Murray
- Following Jesus - His Way  by Stella Paterson
- Faith - Are We Missing the Point?  by Stella Paterson
- Peter's Repentance  by Andrew Murray
- Hands - Holy or Defiled?  by Stella Paterson
- The Body of Christ - Its Identity  by Stella Paterson
- How the Sin Nature is Handed Down   an excerpt from Grace, Faith and the Plan of God by Ken Brown
- Tithing - Old or New Covenant?   Chapter 19 - Calling Forth the Remnant, By Way of the Cross by Stella Paterson
- Modern-day Pharisees - Antichrist Beliefs  by Stella Paterson
- The King James Bible and the Kingdom of God" Part two of Modern-day Pharisees - Antichrist Beliefs  by Stella Paterson
- Human Governments and God's Government   by Steve Bray
- Path to a Sinless Life - The Secret  by Stella Paterson
- Blasphemers - Beware!  by Stella Paterson
- Baptism And the Holy Spirit  by Stella Paterson
- Defeat of the Final Enemy  by Stella Paterson
- When Right is Wrong  by Stella Paterson
- Spurious "Helpers"   Chapter 12 - Calling Forth the Remnant, By Way of the Cross by Stella Paterson
- The Gospel Satan Loves  by Stella Paterson
- The Life Satan Hates  by Stella Paterson
- Israel and the Church - God's Ultimate Purpose  by Stella Paterson
- Israel and the Outpouring of the Spirit  by Art Katz
- God's Quiet Conquests  Unknown author, published in "A Witness and A Testimony" magazine, 1937

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...tells of the method taught to me by the Spirit of truth.  There is more on Bibles in God's Word or Man's Word?

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