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Ruth's Testimony
Crossing over from sickness to health, from sure death to life in Christ

This is the testimony of Ruth who was born and raised in Singapore. She was born into an Imam's (priesthood) family. Her grandfather and several generations of ancestors had served as religious Islamic leaders. Her father, as a religious head, performed all the rites for the Muslim community. Ruth, a teacher by profession, was also a religious teacher for women in the mosque, and taught children 3 years and older, in their homes, the teachings of Mohammed.

The God of the Bible orchestrated extraordinary circumstances in Ruth's life to draw her to Himself.

In her mid-30s, Ruth's life was threatened by failing health. She sought ways to live and somehow escape death. Although she fully knew that Islam was a fated religion, she wanted to figure out a way of escaping from impending death. She started by confronting the god of Islam to find out why her life was being cut short so soon. She wanted to know why her god planned to eliminate her when she had been good. As the eldest daughter at home, she had been very faithful in her responsibilities towards her family, and had kept all her commitments towards her family members. At this point, the reader must note that Islam does not specify how much good is good enough to escape god's punishment. Therefore, Ruth wanted to know what wrong she had done to deserve such a fate.

Those days, Ruth's family depended heavily on her for financial support. She was forced to work very hard to raise finances to support a large family. She also faithfully gave her annual tithe to the mosque on behalf of herself and all her family members, although they did not earn an income. She did this to ensure that all would go to paradise when they die.

At that time when she was simultaneously threatened by Leukemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Osteoporosis, her god did not respond to her questions. He seemed to be very silent all the time. The doctors had declared that in three months, she would be crippled and die. Ruth decided to quit her job.

Two months after the diagnosis, Ruth recalled that she had a friend who used to talk about her Christian God. She always said, "With my God, there is no problem". It was two years now since Ruth had lost contact with this friend. While Ruth considered how she would contact her, Ruth's phone rang, and it was her Christian friend on the line! Ruth told her that she'd been thinking of her lately and wanted to meet her at the earliest. Her friend also echoed the same feeling. Ruth got her friend's address, hung up the phone, and immediately rushed to meet her.

Now at her friend's home, with tears, Ruth shared about her health problems and asked her friend if her God could do anything about her illness. Matter of factly, her friend said, "No problem". Ruth persisted and requested her friend to pray for her, although Ruth knew nothing about the concept of prayer. The friend prayed but said nothing about God healing Ruth. She prayed, "Father, your daughter has come home. Please take care of her. I commit her to You".

Nothing spectacular happened as Ruth had expected. So she was disappointed. Right up to this time, Ruth's friend had not shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with her, because she was intimidated of her. Now, Ruth walked back home feeling completely let down. She began to think about her impending death and the end of her life. Ruth thought about the investigations she had been through, the previous week, when all the reports had been positive.

The following morning, Ruth had an appointment with her doctor. She spent the whole morning going through a battery of tests. When she was through, and doctors had checked her reports, they asked her to go through all the tests again in the afternoon after her lunch. Now, Ruth was concerned about the cost she would incur from the second round of tests. However, the doctors assured here that the cost of those tests would be on the hospital. She decided to stay back and redo all the tests she had been through that morning. By 5:30 that evening, the panel of six doctors asked Ruth if she was seeing another doctor, or taking a different medicine. They showed her the reports from the various tests and said the reports were negative, and that her X-ray looked normal.

While the doctors showed and discussed her reports, Ruth knew that her friend's God had done this amazing thing for her.

Leaving the doctors behind, Ruth dashed out of the room to call her friend and inform her that her friend's God had healed her. Again, her friend's response was not as expected. This puzzled Ruth. She had screamed at the top of her voice to excitedly tell her friend the good news, but her friend only said, "Yes, I know".

Ruth returned to the doctors and told them that the Christian God had become her doctor and was the reason for her healing. The doctors referred her to other doctors and asked her to explain to them what had happened to her. They also told Ruth that her bill for the morning's tests, were also cancelled.

Ruth returned home and told her mom about the new diagnosis, and that all the reports proved she did not have any of the illnesses detected and proved from earlier medical tests. Her mother suspected that the doctors had wrongly diagnosed her health problems.

Starting that night, Ruth was sleepless. She was wondering who this Christian God was. She also was interested to find out how her friend had such an intimate relationship with God. Ruth wondered if it was possible to have a close relationship with God - like her friend did. It amazed her to witness a human being talking to God without fear. A great hunger had started in Ruth's life, to find out about the Christian God. However, she didn't go back to her friend as her responses were not encouraging at all. Very early the next morning, Ruth suddenly recalled that she had a copy of the Bible. She retrieved it from among her books and started reading it. She read the book right through the night and the next day except for taking short breaks. She did not understand much of what she read and in two weeks' time, she had read the Bible 50 times over.

One day, her mother complained of a swollen ankle. Ruth spoke to the God of the Bible and asked Him if he could heal her mother's ankle. The following morning, her mother had been healed. Ruth continued to do this for her family members in the next two weeks, and God answered each and every prayer, and healed her loved ones. At the end of the two weeks, Ruth was convinced that the God of the Bible alone was the true God. She became intensely conscious of the fact that she had believed a lie all these years, and that all her family members also were placing their faith in a lie. The truth was that the God of the Bible alone was the true God. She had a great fear that if she spoke up about her new discovery, she would be rejected by her family, so she chose to remain silent.

To Ruth, the Bible was slowly becoming alive. When she did not understand it, she requested God to explain what He meant. Immediately, God granted her wisdom and revelation to understand the passage.

Two weeks after receiving her healing from God, Ruth's friend called her on the phone and casually asked her how she was doing. Ruth responded by saying she was literally on fire and that she had read the Bible 50 times in the last fortnight. Her friend was concerned, and she verified with Ruth whether it was the Bible that she was reading. That was the longest conversation Ruth and her friend ever had. With great excitement, Ruth recounted all her experiences to her friend, and explained to her how God had been answering all her prayers. Her friend invited Ruth to meet her friends that week, for fellowship. Ruth refused at first. Two days before the fellowship, Ruth felt compelled to attend the meeting, and promptly showed up at the meeting.

Apparently, everyone attending the meeting knew her. They had been praying for Ruth for the last seven months. They were genuinely joyful and loving when they met her and this puzzled Ruth. When the meeting started, everyone testified about how God had intervened in their lives the previous week. They constantly spoke about Jesus Christ as God Who had helped them. This was the first time, Ruth heard people confessing that Jesus Christ was God. The host of the fellowship asked to meet with Ruth and took her aside. He asked Ruth if she wanted to invite Christ as her God into her life. He challenged her to make Christ as her God. He reminded her, that since she had called on Jesus Christ, and He had answered her, she was obligated to make Him her personal God. Otherwise, he suggested that she may as well forget this Christ.

That night, Ruth thought about what all she had heard at the meeting. She took her Bible into her kitchen at home, opened it to Acts chapter 9, and laid it on the floor. While she walked along the table, she spoke to God saying these words, "if it is really You according to the people at the fellowship, like the wicked man of Acts 9 who had an encounter with God, and had seen and heard Him, I too need to see You." Ruth immediately heard a thundering loud voice in English. The voice said "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." It occurred to her that the God whom she was interacting with was indeed the true God. She said to Him, "So You are God, right?"

In her mind she thought "But I still need to see you." While she was still thinking, the Lord Jesus Christ physically appeared to her as a bright light at first, and showed Himself as a person standing in front of her. Ruth stepped back a little but was amazed at the beauty of Christ. She was captivated by the love in His eyes. She saw great compassion, understanding, and acceptance in His eyes.

Tears were rolling down her face, now that she knew for sure that Someone loved her so much. She felt like she was a baby cradled in God's arms. She recalled the day when she stood at the river's edge as a 12-year old girl, wanting to commit suicide. That day, two hands had drawn her away from the river and saved her. She was sure that it was the devil that had stopped her from committing suicide. But now, this God Who stood before her told her, "I was the One who was with you then. I am here with you now."

He then reminded Ruth of a day when she as a 28-years old, wanted to commit suicide again by jumping off a high-rise building. Again, two hands had held her back. She thought the devil had once again kept her from committing suicide. The voice of the Person in her kitchen said, "It was I who was with you then. I am here with you now." Ruth fell flat on her face before Christ and confessed, "From this day on my life is Yours. Have Your way with me."

That day, Ruth was born into the family of the living God. All her doubts had disappeared. Now, she was intent on getting baptized. While she waited for two weeks, God daily revealed to her everything that would happen to her the next day. He did this to protect Ruth from the dangers that were headed her way.

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