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"Holy" Iniquity?
by Stella Paterson

At the very core of the error in the apostate "church" is the idea that "we must be forgiven for OUR sins, in order to be born again". This "gospel" message has been so widely taught, preached, and accepted without question, that the focus of the "church" has been turned away from Jesus, and back to self and flesh. As much as we say that we are preaching "Jesus", we are, in reality, rejecting Him. Yes, He finds a way to enter the hearts of flesh-obsessed man, and brings about true transformation in some who are "mouldable", and they begin a real relationship with Him, but too many do not experience a death to flesh (following Jesus to the Cross), and true regeneration in the risen Christ.

Paul said that there would be a "falling away", or "defection from truth" which is the true meaning of the Greek word "apostasia". It has taken place over a period of so many decades that there is not one person alive today who is responsible for bringing it about.

Preachers like Charles Finney, and others who lived in the late 1700s and early 1800s, knew, and preached the truth. But then there began a revival of religious flesh. Out of that "revival" came the erroneous "Bible" translations, and the multitude of "doctrines" spewed out of the mouths of "ministers" of the "gospel". Charles Finney said, in 1845, that the church was in state of decline. Where does that leave us in 2004?

Paul was not talking about a falling away of people into "sinning" as might be thought, but he was talking about a massive defection from Truth. We all have been born in it, brought up in it, trained in it, "witnessed" in it, preached it, prayed in it, "worshipped" in it, and, sad to say, many have died in it, never having come to the place of allowing their flesh life to be crucified with Christ, so they could be born again.

If we think it is enough to be forgiven for our misdeeds, we are kept from the knowledge that Jesus died to give life to all who are willing to follow Him in death. If a seed does not fall into the ground, and die, it cannot spring forth as new life. Jesus said that for a reason.

Moses' law provided a way to receive forgiveness through the sacrifice of flesh, by shedding the life of the flesh (blood) of animals. This tutored the people in the putting to death of flesh, for atonement, until Jesus, the one pure Lamb, would shed the life of His flesh, making atonement once and for all.

The Greek word, translated as "forgiveness", means "to send forth, in various applications". The Hebrew word, translated as "forgiveness", means "to lift, in a great variety of applications." This particular one was used by David, in the Psalms. The Hebrew word used in the books of the law, meant "forgive". This is where the use of the word "forgiveness" came from. In the New Testament, the word for "remission" was translated as "forgiveness" in several places. To be literal, if we were to take the Greek meaning in this case, we would be saying to Jesus, "Remit my sins." But that does not make sense does it?  Because Jesus already made remission for all sin.

Forgiveness was available through the sacrifice of animals, so why would God send Jesus as just another sacrifice to provide forgiveness? It is so much more! Yet, today, we minimize the meaning of the Cross, because we focus on deeds of the flesh, not death of the flesh.

In the law, the priests had to go every year to make sacrifice for their own sins, and then for the peoples' sins. Forgiveness did not settle the issue of flesh, even though there was blood shed, putting animal flesh to death.

Death came upon all through Adam (Heb. "man"), and Jesus came as a man, in the flesh, to bring life. The Hebrew word for "blood" means "that which when shed causes death", so Jesus came to give "that which when shed causes death". It was then that the Spirit of the Father raised Jesus from the dead, making Him the "First born from the dead." (Col. 1:18)

He was the first of flesh to be born (birthed by the Spirit of the Father). He led the way for all those who will follow him in death of flesh, and resurrection by the Spirit.

These days, people do not want to talk about death. It is too bloody! It is nicer to "be forgiven" for our naughty deeds, then we can go out and be proud of "our" righteousness. Then we can also, in our flesh-based arrogance, look down on the terrible "sinners", and condemn them for their deeds, telling them that they must be forgiven. We crucify Jesus again, and again, when we forge ahead with a fleshly "gospel".

Why can't we just say that we are born flesh, and need to be born again by God's Spirit? Jesus came to give Life, not mere forgiveness.

There is place for forgiveness in our lives as believers, in our dealings one with another, and especially in our relationship with Jesus, because we fail Him so many times. But He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (I John 1:9) That is not a "salvation" verse - that is a "smarten up Christian!" verse.

How do we fail Him? By not trusting Him completely, not loving Him completely, and by not loving others as He commanded.

The idea that forgiveness brings new birth can cause confusion in a new "believer" because the focus is on "their" sins, so then they begin to focus on their deeds to be better. Then, they become self-righteous by their deeds, and fearful of losing their salvation because of "sinning". Where is Jesus in this? He has been rejected. His Name was used in the midst of the "sermon" to this person, but then the focus turned to flesh, which is what sins, forgiveness, and good doings is all about.

Jesus said "You must be born anew."

If we could only preach the True Gospel, for which Jesus died, and to which Paul devoted his life, we would bring souls to the place where they would cry out to God in surrender. They would recognize that they are utterly destitute, without Jesus, because of the futility of flesh, and the horrendous void of life in the flesh.

We, as religious flesh, must surrender all to Jesus, and allow Him to revive us, because we are dead without Him!

Are we willing to give up the idols of OUR deeds, OUR devotional times, OUR witnessing, OUR preaching, OUR worship, OUR prayer times, and every other thing that we are devoted to? Our devotion must be to Jesus...only to Jesus!! Out of true devotion to Jesus will come the Spirit's fruit, not OUR deeds; loving Jesus, not OUR devotional times; the Spirit of Jesus shining out of us, not OUR witnessing; absolute surrender to Him, not OUR worship; quiet surrender on our faces before God, in total awe, rather than OUR prayer time; etc.

Lord, forgive us for our "holy" sins. Help us to die to our flesh, and place on the altar all that would stand between ourselves and Jesus. Help us learn that devotion to Jesus is not what we do for Him, but what we are to Him, and, in Him. Help us to fully understand that nothing, no matter how seemingly good, should stand in the way of our absolute surrender to your Spirit!

God the Father's heart is broken over what has been done to His Son, while the church has played religious games with a fluffy, feel good, flesh-based, "forgiveness" doctrine.

We all have the Spirit of God available to us, to teach us, but we have chosen to accept the traditional doctrines of years and years of error. We have not questioned a thing.

I had an aunt whom I adored, and visited on the farm quite often as a child, then as a teen. One time I looked at my aunt, thinking how good a person she was. I could see no wrong in her. She was so loving, and peaceful, but I wanted her to "get saved". The only thing was, how could I tell her that she was a "sinner", and needed "forgiveness"? I couldn't do that to her! That has stuck with me through the years. I believe that God was laying the groundwork for what He planned on teaching me in the "school of the Holy Spirit".

Jesus said "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in they name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Matthew 7:22-23.

Do we have "holy iniquity" from which we must repent?

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