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From The Eternal God To The Present Day "Church"

I was talking to My Son as the dawn broke this morning. He had been praying fervently all night for the people that call themselves His "Church." His face was aglow as it always is after we spend those hours together like we did last night. But there was pain in His eyes as He looked at me, crying, "Father, why will they not hear your Spirit when You talk to them? So many of them think that they are My Bride, but they are doing nothing to prepare for our Wedding Day."

He reminded Me of what I had said to Him that day in the Garden of Eden, when I told Him, "Watch Adam, Son. He’s about to blow it, when that beauty I made for him tells him about the delicious fruit on the No-No tree. That will be man’s first mistake, but after a few thousand years I will undo Adam’s error."

Then Jesus said to Me, "Father, You told Me of all the things that were to take place, and what it would cost You to make things right. I told You then that I was with You all the way, and would willingly do whatever You asked of Me. Even at Golgotha I was still willing and committed to doing Your will. That short space of time when I was cut off from You was almost too much to bear, but You told Me why it had to be, and that someday You would present Me with My Bride; pure, and spotless, and white. But that wasn’t really the reason why I said, Not My will but Thine be done. I said that because I love You so; and because You are LOVE, that means I can be nothing less than LOVE. After all, I AM a Chip off the Old Block; right Dad?"

I take such great joy in talking with My beloved Son. There is only one thing that He has not been made aware of, and that is the exact day and hour when He will be allowed to leave My side so that He can go and call His Bride to meet Him in the air.

That Bride of His has been told time and time again, to prepare to meet Us. There were thousands of scrolls written over the millennia with explicit instruction as to the robe that is required apparel for that day when My Son will say, "Welcome! This is the first day of the rest of eternity."

Ever since those first days in the Garden of Eden, I have said that I desire to fellowship with mankind. I have wanted nothing more than to be their God, taking care of them, and providing for them. All I ever asked was that the people put their trust in Me and seek Me with all of their hearts so that all would go well with them.

When Adam and Eve listened to old, lying, "What’s his name," I had to put them out of the Garden for fear that they eat of the Tree of Life, and live forever in the flesh, using the knowledge of good and evil as their guiding force. All of their children would have been cut off from Me forever, so that I would never again have fellowship with people.

Over the centuries that followed, some of the people understood My words, and responded in obedience, while too many continued in the rebellious ways of their first parents. Those who did obey, and who put their trust in Me, to them I gave My righteousness, and they will someday join with all other saints of the ages.

I had to put away from Me those who rebelled and did not trust in Me but turned to other gods. They chose gods that could never save them and, because of it, they will forever be away from My Presence.

When My Son was on earth, and especially during His short years of ministry, He taught everything that the people must know in order to understand that, through Him, I would reconcile them to Myself. He also taught that, after His Death and resurrection, they must be born from above by My Spirit, receiving My Life, which is Eternal Life. He told of all those things that must yet come to pass. He warned again, and again, of the folly of self-righteousness, and the damnation that will come to all that put their trust in the teachings and commandments of men.

My chosen minister, Paul the Apostle, preached the same pure messages, as did My Son. Paul spoke of how the mind of flesh cannot receive and understand spiritual things. Any person who turns from self with its knowledge of good and evil, and is born from above through faith in Jesus, to him I will give My Spirit and it is He that will give understanding of spiritual things.

Those who call themselves by My Son’s Name, believing that they are His Bride, must examine themselves and seek My Spirit for clarity of the Truth. If only they would stop running here and there, and would spend time with Me, My Spirit would minister peace and rest to their souls. Then they would know that eternal life comes through abiding in My Son, and by obedience to His only commandment – the command to "Love!"

It is impossible for people in their own strength to obey My commandment. That is why Jesus said that His yoke is easy, and His burden is light – because it is My Spirit Who produces fruit in a surrendered life. Without the indwelling presence of My Spirit and faithfulness in trusting My Son for eternal life, the Bride of Christ cannot be joined to Him. He is My sinless Son, and He cannot be married to any person who is committing adultery through trust in any other person or thing.

The adultery of My people throughout the ages has always kept them from fellowshipping with Me and I with them. It has been too easy for them to take their eyes off Me and begin trusting in their own works. They call those works "serving God," and they believe that they are pleasing Me but they have forsaken a relationship with Me. The things they do may appear good to other people, but My Son said that those things that are highly esteemed among men are actually an abomination in My sight.

If only the people who wish to identify with My Son, by calling themselves by His Name, would be faithful to Him!

If only they would stop bringing shame on His Name before a lost world that needs Him!

If only those who say they are a part of the Church would stop playing "church" and become "called out," which is what I meant when I used the word "Church!"

If only the Church would be a true Church and forget man’s definition of "church!"

If only My Son’s Bride would forsake her lovers and turn wholly to Him with a pure heart of fidelity!

If only the Bride would stop her involvement with exaltation of the creature of flesh. Did she not get it when I likened this type of behavior to Sodom and Gomorrah?

So few are aware that there is very little time left. I yearn for the day when I can return one pure language to the remnant that has been true to Me. Only then can we have the fellowship for which I created man.

It pains Me beyond description to have to pour out My wrath on the faithless who have turned away from Me and have caused others to never accept My Son. They have been given every opportunity to repent, and yet many continue to "honor" Me with their lips while their hearts are far from Me. They have offered filthy rags to Me while fine-tuning their works and programs to the specifications of mortal man, when all I asked was that they turn their hearts toward Me, and let Me be their God. They are so busy with all of their religious (dead) works that they have forgotten Me.

In My Word there are many warnings of the coming onslaught of the wicked one whom I call the "Beast." His appearance on the scene is imminent, but he will keep his identity a secret. Only when My Son comes with the flaming fire of our jealousy, will the Beast be revealed. By then it will be too late because many have turned a deaf ear to My pleading. The strong delusion that I send to those who received not the love of the Truth will cause them to believe the lie of the Beast; and they all will be damned. (Second Thessalonians 2:8-12)

My Son is no bigamist, and He will take as His Bride only those who have been faithful to Him. He cannot accept one person who already has a "husband." Whether that "husband" is church attendance, singing, teaching, tithing, preaching, or any other thing, if it is based on the knowledge of good and evil, and not by My Spirit: even if it appears "holy," it matters not.

If a person trusts in any works of the flesh, thinking that he is gaining My approval, he is an adulterer, and will have his part in the lake of fire. Did not My son say, "Many in that day will say to Me, Lord, Lord, we did all these things in Your Name." And He, calling them "workers of iniquity," will say, "Depart from Me, I never knew you."

It breaks My heart to say these things, but when men and women commit adultery against Me, it is they, and only they, who put in place that wall of separation from Me.

I find no pleasure in the damnation of souls, so from the bottom of My heart I ask you this: "WHAT KIND OF BRIDE ARE YOU?"

Written by Stella Paterson

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