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Today is:

By Joel Richardson:

- 6 Reasons Why Gog is the Antichrist / Beast  by Joel Richardson

By Andrew Murray:

- Absolute Surrender  by Andrew Murray
- Fruit of the Spirit is Love  by Andrew Murray
- Kept by the Power of God  by Andrew Murray
- Having Begun in the Spirit  by Andrew Murray
- Impossible With Man, Possible With God  by Andrew Murray
- O Wretched Man That I Am!  by Andrew Murray
- Ye Are the Branches  by Andrew Murray
- Separated Unto The Holy Ghost  by Andrew Murray
- Peter's Repentance  by Andrew Murray
- Absolute Surrender - e-book  by Andrew Murray -- All the above messages in one PDF

By Art Katz:

- Israel's Restoration   by Art Katz
Israel and the Outpouring of the Spirit   by Art Katz

By Ken Brown:

- What Is Sin?   by Ken Brown
- Deception In The Church   by Ken Brown 
- How the Sin Nature is Handed Down - An excerpt from Grace, Faith and the Plan of God   by Ken Brown

By others:

- What Kind of Obedience To What Kind Of Leadership?   by Maurice Fuller  

- Anna   by Helen Gwilliam

- Human Governments and God's Government   by Steve Bray

- Escape From Christendom  by Robert Burnell      print or save this article

- The Age of Indifference - The Warnings Have Ended  by Michael Boldea Jr.

- The Crowd is Untruth  by Michael Clark & George Davis

- Picture of a Prophet  by Leonard Ravenhill

- The Pagan Origin Of Easter  by David J. Meyer

- God's Quiet Conquests  Unknown author, published in "A Witness and A Testimony" magazine, 1937

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