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Where your treasure is... 

We must stop measuring our treasure by the pleasure that we treasure, and move to treasuring the measure of God's pleasure that He wants us to cherish without measure; for it is His measure of Treasure that he takes pleasure in measuring to us, so that ultimately our treasure will be in His pleasure without measure.

by Stella Paterson


In this life we model that which is real, the spiritual. It is all about our relationship with Jesus, but what have we done to Him? If we will but look at the "world", we can see where we have failed Him.

- Is the "church" loving, as Jesus requires? - Look at the world, with its hatred and wars.

- Is the "church" giving, as Jesus requires? - Look at the world, with its poverty and selfishness.

- Is the "church" faithful to her Bridegroom? - Look at the world, with its divorce rate.

- Is the "church" committed in total surrender to Jesus, and Him only? - Look at the world, with its "shacking up", and common-law arrangements, jumping from one "husband" to another.

- Is the "church" consumed with a passion for Jesus? - Look at the world, with its increase of homosexuality, with flesh chasing after flesh.

- Are the churches living at peace one with another? - Look at the world, with its unrest, racial strife, and murder. Churches are "killing" one another with words.

- Does the "church" have joy? - Look at the world, with all of its entertainment industry, and the depths of degradation to which people will go in search of "fun."

- Is the "church" longsuffering? - Look at the world, with its retaliation when provoked.

- Is the "church" caring and helpful? - Look at the world, with all its social programs and psychology to help "do good".

- Is the "church" meek? - Look at the world, with all of its pride and arrogance, and one-up-man-ship.

- Is the "church" temperate? - Look at the world, with all of its obesity, drug addiction, alcoholism, and pornography.

- Is the "church" lovingly nurturing new born babies in Christ, or trying to circumcise them with rules to follow?  - Look at the world, with its rampant abortion.

The question could be put this way: "Is the church truly born again, having the indwelling Spirit of Christ, and therefore manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit?"

- If the world is her mirror, the answer is "no".


How dare we look at the "world" in judgment because of "their" sinful ways?

We could ask ourselves this question: Is the church the mirror for the world? If so, what are they seeing?

Lord, fill me until there is nothing left of the self-life, my flesh, for in my flesh dwelleth no good thing.

by Stella Paterson

The Virgin Bride

Jesus was born of a virgin, untouched by human flesh. He was not born of flesh, but only in the "likeness of sinful flesh". His conception was by the Holy Spirit, not by a man of flesh.

We, His Bride, must be untouched by flesh. We must be without spot. We must be a virgin Bride, a new creation in Christ Jesus, born of the Spirit. A flesh-polluted bride is not a virgin Bride.

The five wise virgins had the Holy Spirit (oil in their lamps) and were fit for the Bridegroom. The five foolish virgins had no Holy Spirit (oil in their lamps), and were shut out - Jesus did not know them. (Matthew 25:1-13)

Paul said, in II Corinthians 11:2: "For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I espoused you to one husband, that I might present you as a pure virgin to Christ." (older KJV)

To be faithful to Him means to have no other "husbands", and to serve Him in worship, not deeds. Yes, there are things we do here in this life, but we must never turn to trusting in our doings to please Him. It is all about relationship!

by Stella Paterson

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