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The Bible in Story Form
by Joelee Chamberlain

Joelee Chamberlain is the mother of 7 children and also the grandmother of 7 and great-grandmother of 1. She has taught women's or children's Sunday School classes for over 25 years. She originally compiled these Bible audios for her small grandson. These are aimed at children 4-10 years of age, though adults have also enjoyed them and learned from them. The purpose of these audios is several fold: (1) To teach the Bible stories to children, (2) to do this in order, teaching that there is a continuity to them, that they are a continual history, not just disconnected "bedtime stories", (3) to show the faithfulness of God and how He keeps His promises and fulfills His prophecies, and (4) to tie in the Gospel from the teaching in each audio.

Links to audios:

A chronological look at the storyline of the Bible:

Genesis, The Book Of Beginnings

Exodus From Egypt

The Wilderness Wanderings, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

Joshua, The Conquest Of Canaan

The Books Of Judges And Ruth

Samuel, Saul And David; A Judge, A Rejected King And A Shepherd

King David

King Solomon, Wise But Foolish

The Divided Kingdom And Exile

The Life Of Jesus

Acts, Adventures Of The Apostles

Review: From Eden To The New Jerusalem

Review: From Eden To Eternity

Extra "Stories" to fill in the gaps in Genesis:

Faithful Father Abraham

Isaac, The Son Of Promise

From Jacob to Israel

Joseph, From Canaan To Egypt

Joseph, From Egypt To The Promised Land

Extra "Stories" to fill in the gaps in the Divided Kingdom:

The Prophet Elijah, From Wicked King Ahab To The Whirlwind

The Prophet Elisha, Miracle Upon Miracle


Daniel And His Friends

Ezra And Nehemiah, Return And Rebuild

Esther, Beautiful And Brave

Extra "Stories" to fill in the gaps in the New Testament:

John The Baptist

Paul - From Persecutor To Christian


Jesus Will Return Someday! - Told for Young Children.

Jesus Will Return - Part 1 - Will There Be Any Signs?

Jesus Will Return - Part 2 - What Will Happen After That?

Apologetics for Children:

Jesus Foretold By The Old Testament Prophets

The Master Builder

A Gospel Treasure Hunt


The Real Christmas Story For Children

The Real Story Of Easter For Children

God's Holidays

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